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81 GMC Sierra Grand

Saint Francis, Kansas
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This is my fence building pickup. 

454 with 4 speed manual 

runs great just want to upgrade

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This pickup is 37 years old. It is in pretty ruff shape but for the year it is pretty nice. It has a small oil leak. The fuel tank doesn't switch over to passenger tank. My son just back fired it and blew both mufflers up but they will be replaced. It drives down the road like it's new. It doesn't get hot. It's 2 wheel drive. There is some rust inside the passenger side front wheel well. The flatbed is wood and has a broken board. The interior is in great shape. The tires need to be replaced. 4 tires on back are bald the front two are fair. I think it has around 12000 miles the odometer rolled over. I don't know what gears the rear end has but it runs down the road 75+ miles per hour and it gets there fast. It will pull a load but you better not get far from a gas station. It takes a long time to get up to speed when pulling my skid steer so I think it's geared pretty high. The mirrors are all in good shape. It needs a rear blinker bulb replaced. Radio doesn't work and it is after market. Headlights work. Windshield wipers need to be replaced. If you think I will go down on the price you are wrong. I payed too much for it to begin with. I really like it and I don't need the money. If anybody can think if something else to ask my phone number is listed on this sight twice call me if you want it I am not going to text or message anyone back on nextech.

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